Clients come to us because of the depth of knowledge we have regarding U.S. patent law, and the efficiency and speed we bring to a project because of that knowledge. Our publications illustrate our expertise and help to share it with the patent law community. Our publications include a leading patent law treatise, a work on patent jury instructions, various articles and presentations materials, and our former blog/newsletter on noteworthy patent cases.

Annotated Patent Digest – The Annotated Patent Digest represents the pinnacle of our publication efforts. Judges and other patent lawyers rely on the Digest and often quote it in judicial opinions and briefs. The treatise/digest includes discussion and cites to thousands of patent cases organized under a highly detailed listing of subject matter/issues particular to patent law and patent litigation.

The Patent Jury Instruction Handbook – The Patent Jury Instruction Handbook provides a substantial collection of patent jury instructions given in actual cases that comprehensively cover a broad spectrum of issues most often addressed in patent litigation.

Articles & Presentations – Our Articles & Presentations page provides legal articles and PowerPoint presentations we have prepared addressing a broad scope of patent law issues.

Patent Happenings Blog & Newsletter (2007-2011) – Our Patent Happenings blog represented the reincarnation of our prior “Patent Happenings” newsletter. The blog highlighted interesting federal court decisions regarding unique issues of patent law that, while important, escaped the notice of media. We discontinued the blog/newsletter in 2012. PDF copies of past issues of the newsletter are available upon request.